Straight Bar Acid Blue Paracord Belt


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The Original Straight Bar is the alternative to the traditional belt. Handcrafted from 550 paracord. It features a solid belt loop for a contemporary look, and a nickel plated, double prong roller buckle for a secure fit and feel. It measures one and a half inches wide and can be made to any length.

It’s like a belt, but better!


We recommend measuring an old belt to determine the best fit for your waist. However, we are a custom belt shop so tailoring to your size and style is what we do. For a guide, we have included our sizing chart as an example as to what lengths we have found that fit the best for the average waist sizes.

Our measurements are calculated by pant size and not waist size. If your measurements do not match up to ours, please feel free to contact us or leave us a note during checkout with the correct length and we will make sure that you get the correct size specified.

See the list below for measurements.

Waist Size                                                  Actual Belt Length

30 inch                                                       40 inches

32 inch                                                       42 inches

34 inch                                                       44 inches

36 inch                                                       46 inches

38 inch                                                       48 inches

40 inch                                                       50 inches

42 inch                                                       52 inches

44 inch                                                       54 inches

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